The Dictionary Show

(A play on words)

A musical revue based on "THE DICTIONARY"

(original book by N. Webster)
words & music by Leo Brodie
theme music by Alan Seigel

"The Dictionary Show" is a lively, witty, musical "play on words."
The show brings dictionary definitions to life with comedic scenes and clever songs.

"The show is erudite, and if you don't know what that means, you need to see it."

Play the Midi file of the Dictionary Show Theme Song!

Photo from the show

The photos seen here are from the Orcas Center production in March, 1995. The cast included Gary Bennett, Carol Bee, Frank Michels, Carla Shaffer, and Kyle Graham. Ron Myers accompanied on piano, and Paula McDonald choreographed the show. The production was directed by Leo Brodie.

The Islands Sounder said of the 1995 Production at Orcas Center, Eastsound WA:

"The Dictionary Show will leave you feeling warm all over... Get ready for a barrage of words, all put to music, song, and skits. The five actors are all delightful. Carol Bee, who does a great, sexy number, brings down the house. But the guy responsible for the show's success is Leo Brodie, who wrote and directed this masterpiece. So many words! All put to music and adorable vignettes! This journalist was overwhelmed, and words are my profession!"

The Islands' Weekly said of the 1996 production at San Juan Commmunity Center, Friday Harbor WA:

The Dictionary Show is author Leo Brodie's delightful "play on words." The dictionary comes alive for Albert (Greg Bachaud) as he keeps looking up word after word that he doesn't understand. His quest kicks off a musical revue, or review, of words, with Tim Moran, Dawn Nivinksi, and Patti Bair, all helping to explore the nuances of words like "obsequious" and "aquiline." The playful and verbally adept script, the talented acting, and the animated staging by Joy Selak combine to make this a very funny and entertaining piece.

Some of the Words Highlighted in the Show:

Photo from the show

The Dictionary Show also appeared in March '96 at the San Juan Community Theater in Friday Harbor, Washington.

The show is available for production. Contact Leo Brodie)