Leo Brodie

What can I say? It's complicated.

They say that Geminis have split personalities. I don't know. I do seem to bounce back and forth between the left side of my brain -- spending the bulk of my career in the software industry as a developer, technical writer and requirements/interface expert -- and the right side -- dabbling in music, theater, sketching, cartooning, and puppetry. I can't explain it other than to say that I really like learning new things, a trait I inherited from my father.

Career-wise, I am currently Director of Technical Services at NetSpeed Learning Solutions, where I led development of NetSpeed Fast Tracks pretty much from scratch.

I'm on the steering committee of Sustainable NE Seattle. Cindy and I are very active in the Transition Town concept, and I'm helping to form Transition Seattle.

For a while I was obsessively practicing the art of 2-D animation, for no reason other than that it was cool. Here's my art blog. I also participate sometimes in the Internation Sketcrawl, with the Seattle Urban Sketchers. Here are some of my animation pencil tests.

On August 23, 2009, I completed my Permaculture Design Certification.

My other videos on YouTube:

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