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Who We Are

Punch & Brodie was founded in 1990 to provide quality puppetry to corporate environments. We provide puppet characters and the puppeteers that bring them to life for your events.

We have a large cast of characters, mostly human, corporate types. In addition, we often build custom characters for specific shows. We charge a license fee for the use of our characters, rather than selling the puppets outright.

Our pool of talented puppeteers includes some of the best professionals in the industry.

Typically our clients produce and provide video facilities. We can also write your show if you desire.

Punch & Brodie was based in Los Angeles until mid-1993, and is now based out of Seattle, Washingtion.

Who Are the Puppeteers?

Leo Brodie, Greg Ballora and Christine Papalexis
Leo Brodie, Greg Ballora, and Christine Papalexis
Photo of Greg Ballora performing 'Bob'
Greg Ballora

Who are the Puppet Builders?

Yes. All of our characters have been designed for specific needs in shows. Besides Leo Brodie, our team of designer/builder freelancers have included: Greg Ballora, Elizabeth Luce, Christine Papalexis, Drew Massey, Bob Fappiano, Roger Mara, and Brian Kooser.

Who is Punch?

The little guy with the stick and the funny voice. Married to Judy. He's been active in puppetry since the 17th century.