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The Punch Players: Alphonzo

Photo of Alphonzo Hi! This is my home page on the Wide World Web, whatever that means. For all you ladies out there, I want you to know that I am available. Yes, hard to believe, but it's true. Come on over and I'll cook you one of my famous meals. (You aren't allergic to peanut butter, are you?)

Alphonzo I make a pretty good living being a boss. Not as much as my boss, but more than the people who work for me. Except lately George seems to be doing really well, he got that new Saturn... I'll have to check into that...

Alphonzo I want you to know -- I got where I am by hard work! I didn't just matriculate into a cushy job like some pansy-butts around here. But you gotta work hard to stay on top. My doctor says if I want to control my ulcers, I gotta stop working so hard. So now I have twice as much to worry about!


Hear Alphonzo say: "That's Alphonzo, with a Z" (18 Kbytes).