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The Punch Players: Bradley

Photo of Bradley Hi. Aren't computers wonderful? I've been using computers for years and years, and now I'm on yours! What a wonderful world!

Someone asked me if I was interested in anything besides accounting and computers. Of course! The new edition of the Washington State Revenue codes just came out. It's a beautiful work, you know. Full of passion and life. Triumph and tragedy. People think accounting is boring. If only they knew about all the interesting things I do in the course of a normal day at work. Balancing ledgers, filing for extensions...

BradleyRight now in my work I'm facing an enormous difficulty -- struggling against tremendous odds! I injured my 3-6-9 finger in a crash! I purchased a mountain bike at the end of summer, because there are so many attractive tourists riding bicyles (I just love women in helmets!). Yesterday I had to use the ten-key calculator to figure compound interest on $936,639.33. It nearly killed me!