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The Punch Players: Ooni and Kauli

Photo Photo of Hawaiian Creatures

Hey you! Yeah, you! What are you staring at?

Oh, you're staring at us! Well, that's okay. We're Mekaloonies. (Ooni is the orange one, Kauli is the brown one.)

We used to live in the palm trees, eating coconuts all day. Life was great. But then the tourists came. They tore down our palm trees and built a hotel. It got too hectic! So we swam all the way to California! (The cruise ship had a swimming pool.)

Now we get to be the tourists, and stare at all you weird featherless humans. Hey, isn't that a banana peel you're standing on?

We don't want to alarm you or anything. But if we find out you had a party and you didn't invite us, you'll be sorry!