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Meetings and Events

Let us add value to your sales meetings, trade shows, or other event. We've had extensive experience with the following formats:

Alphonzo addressing technical convention
Alphonzo addressing an audience at a technical convention

Live in person -- The puppet is visible onstage; the puppeteer is hidden (for example, by a podium). The character can interact with the M.C. and other humans on stage.

Live on camera -- We perform the puppet(s) live, but on camera, offstage. The character appears only on a video projection screen. The character converses with people on stage, who relate to the image on screen. Our puppeteers can work with a script, but we are also adept at impromptu banter as deemed appropriate by the client. The lively, amazing effect never fails to stimulate the audience.

Hawaiian Creatures
Ooni & Kauli appearing in a video that was produced for a Hawaiian theme awards vacation and banquet held on the island of Kauai.

Pre-produced video segments -- We have created everything from simple one-set blackouts to lengthy, fully produced music videos. These roll-ins allow a high level of production value, while being comfortably "in the can" well ahead of time.

Intimate, impromptu setting Using a specially-built set that hides the puppeteer, our puppets can interact with attendees, fielding questions and conversing. For example, we have used our characters at trade show booths to talk with passers-by, drawing huge crowds.

Conventions Don't Have to Be Conventional

Corporate meetings motivate some action or change by stirring the emotions. Puppets cut straight to the emotions. This makes puppets an effective tool in creating meetings that achieve their goals.

Puppets can increase the impact of your show in many ways. They can be used:

Stone Head on stage
Stone Head, a six-foot-tall talking head puppet, created for an awards/incentive program hosted in Cancun.

To establish continuity -- A puppet host or mascot can appear throughout your meeting, bantering with the speakers or leading the questions.

To punctuate and provide structure -- Use puppets for comic video bumpers or roll-ins to introduce speakers, announce breaks, separate sections, add comic relief, or to open and close the meeting.

Bob at the summit of the Mountain of Champions
Bob, a sales rep for financial services, learns how to face opportunity in Mountain of Champions, a video presentation shown at an awards banquet held in Hawaii.

To motivate -- Puppets make great examples, both positive and negative.

Alphonzo and Bradley at Awards Banquet
Alphonzo and Bradley at an awards banquet, arguing about why they didn't win.

To represent the audience -- This is a favorite gimmick for awards ceremonies: our puppets portray members of the audience hoping to receive an award.

Ruth and Marty at the awards banquet
Ruth, an account executive, and her plumber husband, have high hopes that she'll win the top sales award this year

To play devil's advocate -- If you expect some of your audience to hold an opposing view, let a puppet give voice to that view (an effective technique for handling controversial topics). Use humor to gently shift attitudes.

To entertain -- Puppets add great production value, and capture the hearts and minds of your audience.

We Work For You

We are experienced in working with the corporate world. We listen to your needs and work within the client's specifications.

Ask for our "Corporate Events" demo reel. It's the best way to appreciate what we can do for your next show.