Affordable Headshot Videography by Leo Brodie


Does your business or organization have a story to tell? Do you want to employ the power of video on your website and social media applications, but look better than the typical "YouTube look"?

Organizations large and small are jumping on the social media bandwagon, posting video on their own websites as well as YouTube and Facebook. Leo Brodie partners with small business owners and sole proprietors to help you tell your story "face to face" with your visitors, or interview a key representative on camera.

Leo Brodie specializes in high-quality, small-scale video productions, including talking heads and on-camera interviews. By reducing production complexity, Leo is able to deliver professional quality video for a fraction of the cost of conventional production houses. Leo also has a strong background in marketing and understands how to craft a compelling message that addresses your unique selling point and builds relationships. He has successfully produced dozens of videos for corporations and institutions as a one-main video production house.

See what Punch & Brodie Productions can do for you.

All images above are frames from video productions by Leo Brodie.