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May 29, 1995

Steve asks Ruth:
What am I here for?
Ruth Ruth answers:
Oh, don't worry. That happens to me, too. I walk into the kitchen, I go the the refrigerator, and I say to myself, "What did I come in here for?" Sometimes if I go back to the den, I remember what I went to the kitchen for. So that's my advice. Go back to where you were before you came here, and maybe you'll remember. You're welcome.

Sherri asks Alphonzo:
Can you fall in love over the net?
Alphonzo Alphonzo answers:
Not to brag, but a guy like me -- good-looking, intelligent, dependable -- we ain't so easy to find! Now that I've got my own home page, I'm sure there are ladies all over the world who'd love to meet me. So Sherri, why do you ask? (As if I didn't know!).
Bradley Bradley adds:

Fall in love over the net? I can fall in love over anything! One time I was flying from Chicago to L.A. and I fell in love with the woman beside me over the Grand Canyon. I have also fallen in love over cocktails. But I don't drink any more.

No, I will tell you a secret. My one true love is a woman with whom I have exchanged over 400 e-mails. I have never met her or talked to her on the phone, but I just know she's trim and petite and has deep flashing eyes. She sent me this picture of herself

Isn't she beautiful?
Kelsey Kelsey complains:
Guys! They're always thinking with their browzers!

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