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June 1, 1995

Ronald Prague asks Punjabi:
What is the meaning of Sushi?
Punjabi Punjabi answers:
For connoisseurs, a delicious delicacy. For the uninitiated, a nauseating abomination. For the sushi chef, both art and commerce. For the fish, the end of the line.

Gummo asks Ruth:
Should I tell my employer to pack sand when I quit next month?
Ruth Ruth answers:
Where is he going that he would need sand?

"Umbriago" asks Marty:
Am I destined to remain in this windowless basement lab?
Marty Marty answers:
I don't know much about windowless basement labs, except what I see in the movies. Are you in the kind of lab where that guy made Frankenstein? If so, are you the doctor or Frankenstein? My answer would depend on that.
Bradley Bradley rejoins:
This is a common mistake. The doctor is Dr. Frankenstein. The monster doesn't have a name.
Ruth Ruth pipes up:
And stop complaining. Our living room overlooks the car graveyard. I have to shut the curtains all the time anyway.

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