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June 18, 1995

Sandy asks Ruth:
My boyfriend acts like he loves me, but doesn't say it. Should I ask him if he loves me, or assume actions speak louder than words?
Ruth Ruth answers:
Does he offer to help when you go the kitchen for something? Does he keep denying you have a weight problem no matter how much you pressure him? Does he just listen to you when you've had a bad day? Does he like the way you cook the fish? Does he not bring up your old boyfriends? Does he make you dinner with more than three ingredients? Does he tell you that you have some broccoli between your teeth before you're about to go out in public, but not when you two are alone?

If the answer the all these questions is yes, it doesn't matter what he says. He loves you.

If not, make him talk.

Puddleglum asks Kelsey:
How come whenever I like a girl she doesn't really like me, but girls I don't like like me?
Kelsey Kelsey answers:
That's the perversity of romance.
Bradley Bradley adds:
Think of it mathematically. If you only like, say, one out of ten people well enough to go out with, and similarly that person only likes one out of ten, then the odds are only one-in-a-hundred that you will both like each other! Stastistically speaking, it's amazing there are couples at all!
Kauli Kauli adds:
We Mekaloonies do that to people when we're bored. He-he-he-he-he!!!
Punjabi Punjabi offers:
Perhaps one quality that attracts you is unavailability.

"Huh?" asks Ooni:
I hate my school, but my parents LOVE it. I am still living at home, and I really need to get away. Should I risk my life by telling my parents I want to leave, or should I just leave? Or should I stay?...I am really lost!
Ooni Ooni answers:
We Mekaloonies don't do school. We figure if you don't learn about it in real life, it's not important!
Ruth Ruth points out:
But they also live in trees. If you want a car and a nice place to live, dear, stay in school.
Bradley Bradley emphasizes:
You may not like your school, but it is doing wonders. Yours was one of the few e-mails we get that contained no spelling or punctation errors, and believe me, I notice those things!
Kelsey Kelsey offers:
Stay in school, but stand up! Fight for change! Tell your parents what you don't like. Make it a better school!

Dan asks Punjabi:
I want to procrastinate right now. How can I do that?
Punjabi Punjabi answers:
Americans are impatient about everything.

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