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June 22, 1995

Leetak asks Ruth:
I've been seeing this girl for two years now, and while we have everything it takes to make a relationship work, she's afraid that things will change and get worse. How can I make her see this relationship is good for the both of us?
Ruth Ruth answers:
She's right. Things will get worse. This is your job, bubie. Convince her things will only get so worse.

"Razor" asks Bradley:
Bradley, I'm applying for a position outside of sales, in my firm, where I have worked for a year. My worry is that if I don't get this promotion, they'll fire me from my existing sales position, because it's evident that I want out of sales. Should I go for it, or do nothing?
Bradley Bradley answers:
Whatever. I suppose, yes.
Kelsey Kelsey takes over:
Bradley's a little distracted lately, for some reason. If you want out of sales, then you owe it to yourself, your company, and your customers to move on to something you enjoy more. Never assume the job you have is the only one you'll ever be able to get.
Alphonzo Alphonzo differs:
One of my rules as a Great Boss is, if I hire a guy because he's a good whatchadoer, and now he says he's really a great thingabobber, I don't care! He's a whatchadoer in my book, and he'll always be a watchadoer! If he was such a great thingabobber, I would have hired him as a thingabobber, and I'm management. I'm never wrong!

Nope. Once you got the business cards printed, that's that.

Kelsey Kelsey sums up:
Which suggests that it might not be a bad idea to put out some feelers elsewhere at the same time.
Bradley Bradley adds:
Does anyone know a Sarah T. in Calgary?

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