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June 24, 1995

Kevin Bedell, Orlando, FL asks Kauli:
Kauli, What's the best way to break a bad habit (like watching too much TV or playing on my computer too much)?
Kauli Kauli answers:
If I play with something long enough, it usually breaks. So, do that with your habits. Play with them really hard!
Ooni Ooni contributes:
Or put 'em in a sack and hit 'em with a hammer!
Kauli Kauli, not to be outdone, adds:
Or check them in as luggage marked "Fragile!"
Ooni Ooni fires back:
Or shine a bright light in their face and give them only water, and keep playing Barry Manilow albums until they sign a confession!

Nigel asks Bradley:
How long is long?
Bradley Bradley blows up:
Okay! That's it! Nobody takes this seriously! I've tried to help people here, and we keep getting these stupid riddle questions!!! Let the Mekaloonies answer them! I've had it up to here!!! Doesn't anybody bother to read the past advice? I told you if this keeps up, I'm quitting, and I've just been stifling it. So that's it! I'm out of here! Goodbye! It's been great.

And I'm shutting up my accounting office, too! I'm getting in the car and driving to Calgary! Sarah is the only one who understands!

Kelsey Kelsey pleads:
Bradley, hey, chill out... Bradley? Bradley, you can't just leave...
Punjabi Punjabi advises:
Let him go, my friends. Bradley must satisfy his own dharma.

"Tinman" asks Bradley:

What came first, the chicken or the egg?
Bradley drives off.

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