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June 30, 1995

Kelsey was not feeling well, and spent most of the day in bed watching old romantic comedies from the video store. Nothing serious, she says. Just the cruds. You know, that thing that's going around.

JD asks Ruth:
Should I ask my friend Lori out even though she has a boyfriend?
Ruth Ruth answers:
I don't have much personal experience with that, but I can tell you about making fruitcake. After you bake it, you know, you soak it in brandy and wrap it in cloth, put it in a can and stick it in the back of the cupboard behind the potatoes for at least two months. A year is better. I'm always so surprised when I remember I made fruitcake!

That's my point. Do up your fruitcake now, enjoy it later — when it's time.

So don't ask her out. Tell her you think she's very nice and that her boyfriend is a very lucky man.

Marty Marty adds:
Ruth always says fruitcake improves with age. All I know is, the longer I put off eating it the happier I am.
Punjabi Punjabi adds:
I think she's right. Nobody under the age of 40 can stand the stuff.

Bradley Bradley writes:
Hey, gang! Calgary is a beautiful town! You should all come out and visit it!

The most amazing thing happened today. I was playing frisbee in the park with this dog I met. I always hated playing frisbee, but I never tried it with a dog before! The dog was only interested in chasing the frisbee and bringing it back, so if I missed where I was aiming, he didn't even know! And I never had to worry about catching! This is my kind of frisbee! I think I will get a dog when I get home.

So I'm playing with this dog and this woman comes up and says, "Excuse me, is your name Bradley?" I nearly had a heart attack because I thought it might be Sarah! But she said her name was Sandy and she recognized me from the column.

So we had a pleasant lunch together. She works in a little clothing store. I bought a pair of short pants. I always hated wearing short pants but she talked me into it.

Gotta run now; I'm going to "Loose Moose Theater Company." I hear it's very funny! But Sarah, if you're reading this, please write! The guys will forward my mail, okay?

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