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July 4, 1995

"DINK and Happy About It" asks Alphonzo:
My husband tells me that refusing to have children is a selfish act. I tell him that knowing I don't want them and having them anyway would be much more selfish, so avoiding them is actually an unselfish act. Who is right?
Alphonzo Alphonzo answers:
Jeez, I don't know! I don't know much about having kids. I only had two and that was a long time ago, except they still ask me for money. The wife at the time and me weren't exactly thinking along the lines of being selfish or not.

But come to think of it, priests and nuns don't have kids, and nobody calls them selfish for that. And besides, would you be more unselfish if you had more kids? I mean, would it be better to have 2,000 kids than just two? Like I said, I don't know.

Punjabi Punjabi notes:
Everyone has a different path to follow. Many great spiritual leaders were childless. Many others find the raising of children to be a blessed and joyous act of love.
Ruth Ruth adds:
Somebody's got to do it.
Kelsey Kelsey asks:
How do you feel about having kids, Bradley?
Bradley Bradley answers:
Kids? Gee, I just got started looking for a dog!

Julie asks Kelsey:
Hey, glad you're feeling better, Kelsey. (And Bradley, glad to see you back on the job.) Kelsey, my husband carries his recent x-ray of his intestines next to our wedding and kid's pictures in his wallet which he sits on all day. But he doesn't carry my recent brain-scan picture, too. Is this because he loves me, or should I be insulted?
Kelsey Kelsey answers:
I wouldn't worry about it. Unless he starts carrying the receptionist's brain-scan picture.

Francesca asks Stone Head:
Why is it that when you hang out with a guy, people automatically think you're seeing this guy???
Stone Head Stone Head answers:
No matter how much people may know, they will think what they want to think.

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