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July 6, 1995

Nihongo Dango writes to Bradley:
Well Bradley, there are several things to think about in selecting the right dog. If you want to play frisbee, you want to make sure the dog is bigger than the frisbee — no Chihuahuas or other toy dogs. And you don't want a dog that swallows your frisbee — no St. Bernards or Great Danes. Next, you have to consider what dog would be good for business: Would people take you seriously as an accountant with a poodle? Am I helping?
Bradley Bradley answers:
Mmm, sort of.

"Jammer" asks Punjabi:
Should I exhale?
Punjabi Punjabi answers:
Every so often, yes. I'm sorry if that wasn't clear to you.

Allen asks Bradley:
Bradley, concerning your recent adventure in Calgary, how can you be sure that what you were feeling for this girl (Sarah, right?) was really love? I mean, how can you fall in love with someone you only knew by e-mail?
Bradley Bradley answers:
I've been thinking about this a lot. I know I was in love, because it felt wonderful! But I had imagined all sorts of things about Sarah, especially that she would be happy to meet me. I was wrong about that, and I realize now I was probably wrong about most of what I imagined. So I guess I fell in love with someone from my own imagination.

I feel pretty stupid about that. Owning a poodle would be nothing compared to the professional embarassment I am currently suffering with my clients.

But on the other hand, I'm sort of proud that my imagination could invent such a wonderful human being. It makes me think that maybe I have a lot of those neat qualities in me. Whoever Sarah was, I like myself a little better now. Kelsey even told me that I seem happier and more confident since I got back. Hmm.

So I think it's okay to fall in love with love, even if the person you think you're falling in love with isn't the person you think they are.

I hate to say this, but it's like, if a person falls in love in the forest and no one is there to feel it, did it make a vibration? He-he, I think so!

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