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July 10, 1995

"Nihongo Dango" writes to Bradley:
Hey, I have some more ideas about finding a dog! Maybe "How Do I Pick the Right Breed for Me?" might help you. Good luck!
Bradley Bradley answers:
Thanks, but who are you? Why are you hounding me?

"Missing the Point" asks Bradley:
Why is the sky blue?
Bradley Bradley answers:
Wow! It's been an entire week since we've gotten this question! But this time we thought we'd celebrate, by presenting a new feature: Punchy Advice's tribute to Folk Rhetorical Questions (FRQs).

There really aren't that many FRQ's, and we're pretty sure that just about every one has been asked by clever readers out there.

Here's our list, and the answers we've given:

Punchy Advice's Little List of Often-Asked Folk Rhetorical Questions

We also had this question, but fortunately I wasn't around to answer it:
Ruth Ruth asks: Were we short on questions today or something?

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