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July 16, 1995

"Fair Minded" chides Alphonzo and Kelsey:
Alphonzo, I know that neither gender has perfect individuals, but do you have to put down the entire gender? And, Kelsey, unless you plan to spend the rest of your life on a desert island, how do you plan to talk to men only when no other men are around? Sexism is unfair whichever direction it comes from!
Alphonzo Alphonzo answers:
Yeah, that's just the kind of answer I'd expect from a... hey, I don't know if you're a man or a woman!
Punjabi Punjabi comments:
Give Alphonzo time and he will always prove your point.
Kelsey Kelsey answers:
I'm not sexist! I want a good relationship! In fact, I've been really patient. But I'm almost thirty, and I'm running out of patience! Did I tell you about that guy that works at the grocery store and keeps asking me out? What a jerk! I just want to know where the heck my soulmate is!
Stone Head Stone Head comments
Did I ever mention that humans give me a headache?

Tom X. Chao asks Kelsey:
Kelsey, I have to find another apartment in Manhattan by August 12. As you may know, the rental market is so tight here, it's mind-boggling! Do you have any advice?
Kelsey Kelsey writes back:
My advice is not to try and cram myself into the same three square miles with 50 billion other people. But since you've written to us before and even sent us fan mail, why don't you tell the readers exactly what you're looking for?
Tom X. Chao writes back:
Thanks... NYU grad student, 33, quiet, neat, responsible, looking for Manhattan sublet or apartment share (private room). Prefer Central or West Village (NYU area), Soho, Gramercy Park, Chelsea, but will consider any area. Can pay up to $800/month. Interests: music (all kinds), film, art, literature, Frisbee, browsing the web and reading "Punchy Advice." Must move before August 12. Thanks for your consideration. I have extra tickets to Elvis Costello if that sweetens the deal for anyone. Tom Chao, (212) 674-4623 or (212) 998-7346 (work)
Kelsey Kelsey says:
Hmm. I take back what I said about Manhattan.
Ooni Ooni asks the readers:
Is there anything besides the mind that ever gets boggled?
Kauli Kauli answers:
Your feathers are eye-boggling, Ooni.
Ooni Ooni says:
Thank you, Kauli.

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