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July 18, 1995

Kiska (who wrote yesterday) writes back:
Dear Punchy Gang,

Thanks for the advice! I didn't mean to come across as so shallow in my letter. I was once the ugly duckling. I do go to a co-ed college (physics major with a double in French), but I don't find many women I can relate with. Most of my male friends are budding engineers and scientists. I suppose I was wondering why women can act twice as cruel as men when it comes to friendship.

Kelsey Kelsey answers:
So you're attractive, tall, and brainy, and you find that other women are jealous. I can relate to your problem. I'm attractive and brainy — well, not about physics. The only thing I understood in physics was that things fall, and I already knew that.

But I've been successful because I present myself well, and I've been amazed at how many women I thought were friends have turned out to be jealous. There's nothing you can do about other people's reactions. I'm sure not going to diminish my talents just to make other people more comfortable. My advice is to continue enjoying the company of friends you can relate to, regardless of their sex. And try to associate with successful people who believe in themselves, and you will find women who aren't threatened.

Punjabi Punjabi adds:
Pardon me for intruding, but I merely want to add that your boyfriend is a very lucky man.
Ruth Ruth adds:
You know, Kiska, Punjabi is a very nice man and so intelligent. I'm not saying anything, but it couldn't hurt if sometime you met him. I hear he's a very nice chef, too, but I can't eat spicy foods, so that's only what I've heard.

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