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July 21, 1995

Cynthia asks Bradley:
I am together with this man who is good looking, intelligent and respectful. But honestly, he is boring and unexciting. I miss my old boyfriend. We had the best times, even though we had a lot of problems and he didn't give me half the respect. Is there something wrong with this picture?
Bradley Bradley answers:
Why are you asking me? I'm always falling in love with a woman and being so very wonderful to her, but she turns around and falls in love with some jerk who doesn't love her, much less understand her! It really burns my bagels!
Punjabi Punjabi explains:
Like moths to the flame, we are sometimes attracted to those who least suit us.
Kelsey Kelsey adds:
Something is wrong with this picture if you always prefer guys who don't respect you. That's something you can see a counselor about. But it could just be that the new guy is a dishrag. In that case, just keep looking until you find someone who respects you and excites you.
Kauli Kauli replies:
Hey, Cynthia! I did too respect you!
Ruth Ruth concludes:
Enough with excitement already. I would be overjoyed if Marty would just close the bathroom door.

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