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July 23, 1995

Adam asks Drizzle:
Why, in the middle of a semi-drought, does it rain at my office but not at my house which is only 12 miles away?
Drizzle Drizzle answers:
I'm not aware of any policy that we serve commercial accounts first.

Kianna asks Bradley:
I have a crush on someone. How do I find out if he likes me without being embarrassed or getting my feelings hurt?
Bradley Bradley answers:
Ooh, I remember this one! It's all in your expectations, Kianna. If you act like you expect this guy will like you, and instead he rejects you, then you'll get your feelings hurt. But remember that the odds of anyone liking someone who likes them is really low! So don't expect anything! Just talk to him and be friendly. If he's interested, you friendship will develop. If he's not, it won't. You won't be embarrassed either way. Okay?

"In love and quite blind" asks Ooni:
Ooni, I have a boyfriend who makes an immense amount of money but continuously puts off helping do the bills. Though he provides a wonderful lifestyle and adores the ground I walk on, I don't feel it is my responsibility to handle both our bills. I need help!
Ooni Ooni answers:
Don't look at me! I don't have any money!

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