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July 24, 1995

Jon Luciano asks Alphonzo:
My friends make fun of me for listening to Michael Jackson. Should I continue to listen regardless of their constant criticism?
Alphonzo Alphonzo answers:
Go ahead. They'll probably make fun of you anway.

Lucy asks Punjabi:
About a year ago I introduced an old friend (female) to a guy a was seeing. They hit it off and started dating. I was okay with that, but now she has accused me of trying to get with her man. Yeah right! Anyway I've lost both of them over this and I need to know: how do I get back into things after separating myself from my entire circle of friends?
Punjabi Punjabi answers:
Have a party. Don't invite them.

Mark asks Stone Head:
Is it possible to sustain a long distance relationship?
Stone Head Stone Head answers:
In my case, any farther than a stone's throw is a bad idea.

"Frustrated" asks Ruth:
Why are boys so weird?
Ruth Ruth answers:
It's practice for being men.

"Helpless in Illinois" writes:
There's this guy I like, but he totally ignores me.
Nobody answers.

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