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August 1, 1995

A. J. Shifflet asks Ruth:
I've been having trouble sleeping at night?
Ruth Ruth answers:
I have this same trouble. Sometimes it gets so bad I wake up before I go to sleep.
Punjabi Punjabi suggests:
Inability to sleep is the fruit of an overactive mind. As you lie in bed, turn your attention from your worries to your breathing. Do not try to control your breathing. Merely become an attentive observer of your breathing.
Alphonzo Alphonzo offers:
Watching other people's vacation slides always puts me out. See if you can borrow some.
Bradley Bradley adds:
Sometimes when I'm worried about not going to sleep, the worry makes it worse. In that case, I have to tell myself how glad I am that I'm still awake, because now I can catch up on the latest "Tax Facts" bulletin from the Department of Revenue! As soon as I get over worrying, I'm out like a laptop.
Bob Bob says:
I really don't mind so much when I can't drift off at night. I get plenty of sleep at my desk.

"Magpie" writes to Kelsey:

C'mon, girlfriend, you know how they are when they get it into their heads that you're only a platonic friend. Bradley probably made the decision early on, based on his respect for his coworker, and never allowed himself to reconsider, even though you subtly opened up a warmer possibility for him. I went out to the clue store and bought him a clue, now you should let him use it! I bet you both like Thai food.
And meanwhile, Kim writes to Kelsey:
What is this nonsense about, "if you really liked me you would have asked me a long time ago." Why didn't you ask him? Afraid of taking a little risk, perhaps?
Kelsey Kelsey answers:
I resent that, and I'm upset that you would imply that I'm doing something wrong! You just don't understand. I've been with a lot of men in my life. I even almost got married once. What a mistake that was! I want to find my partner for life, not just any guy who isn't sure what he thinks, no matter how attractive and intelligent and sweet he may be! You got that?
Bradley Bradley asks Kelsey:
Hey Kelsey, Thai food does sound good. You want to try that new place across from the cineplex?
Kelsey Kelsey answers:
Okay, but I have to be home early.

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