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August 2, 1995

"Hurt" asks Drizzle:
Should you stick with someone that has cheated on you?
Drizzle Drizzle answers:

"Bushy Brows" asks Bradley:
I want to pluck my eyebrows but my mother is superstitious and says my brows are perfectly okay and look very nice and they will bring me a good future. I know I will look WAYYYYY better with thinner eyebrows but I sort of believe my mother because she has showed me some proof. I wanna look good but will it ruin my future?
Bradley Bradley answers:
Dear BB, I have written to your e-mail address but you did not reply. I, along with everyone else here, including George the Janitor, are just dying to know what proof your mother gave! Because frankly, it sounds like one of those Mom stories they tell you to scare you out of doing something. Like "Don't cross your eyes because they will stay that way." Anyway, personally I prefer a natural look on women, so I say don't do it.
Ruth Ruth replies:
Listen honey, I'm a professional make-over consultant, so take my word for it. A little pruning here and there never hurt anybody. How do you think Kelsey gets those lovely arched eyebrows of hers?
Bradley Bradley gasps:
Kelsey plucks her eyebrows?
Kelsey Kelsey murmers:
There's a lot about me you don't know.
Alphonzo Alphonzo adds:
My mom useda tell me that if I didn't clean up my room, no one would ever marry me. So I cleaned it. Lookin' back, I should'a trashed the place.

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