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August 10, 1995

"Tootie Smart" asks Drizzle:
I am having a problem losing weight. Can you give me some suggestions?
Drizzle Drizzle answers:
People seem to be so diet-conscious. They think they will lose weight if they just eat less. But in my humble elfin opinion, a healthy body regulates its weight naturally. And the most important way to keep a body healthy is through exercise.

Now, a lot of people think of exercise as sweaty jumping jacks and boring, painful drills. But exercise just means "using," like "exercising your rights." Use your body. Go for walks. Or ride a bicycle instead of driving a car. We elves are exceedingly healthy. Have you every seen one of us driving a car?

"Red" asks Kelsey:
I've never gone out with anyone before. How will I know when the right guy comes along?
Kelsey Kelsey answers:
Be friends first. After you've become really good friends with someone, and if you feel you can both be totally open and honest with each other, then see how you feel about getting closer.

"Frustrated" asks Alphonzo:
I have a really annoying brother! I try to be nice to him but he has this major bad attitude. I really hate it when he swears. We fight like little kids. It's sooo stupid. Got any advice?
Alphonzo Alphonzo answers:
When my little brother used to bug me, I'd get him in trouble with my big sister, and she'd beat him up.
Punjabi Punjabi offers:
You say you are frustrated because you get into fights with your brother. But yet you continue to do so. See if you can take him less seriously. Pay attention to what he does to pull you in. For example, maybe he knows how to insult you in a certain way that always hurts your feelings, and you feel a need to retaliate. If that's his trick, then prepare yourself in advance, so that when he tries it again, you will recognize it as his attempt to control you. You will be able to laugh this time and stay out of a fight. I don't know, you can try that.

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