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August 25, 1995

"Jimbo" asks Ruth:
I am 35 years old. I had a bad experience with a girl I fell in love with. She married someone else, after he got her pregnant. I don't know what happened to me since then. I never leave the house anymore. I just stay in front of my computer all day. I don't work, as I am on disability, but I can do just about anything. I stay in shape -- I have an exercise machine in the basement. People tell me I look like Al Pacino. So it's not that I'm fat and ugly. I have money. I want to get into a relationship, but I seem to have lost the get up and go to get out and meet someone. What do I do?
Ruth Ruth answers:
What you have is a broken heart. But it's not fatal.
Alphonzo Alphonzo adds:
Stop mopin' around, you slacker! You're not the first person to get not married. What do you expect, to have the perfect wife served on a platter? It don't work that way. And if you're in such great shape, why are you takin' disability anyway? Maybe if you got a job you'd have some self-respect. Get off your Al Pacino butt and get a life!

Moe asks Bob:
What is the meaning of life?
Bob Bob answers:
Whenever someone says "What is the meaning of this?", I always think they're mad. So to answer your question, I don't know, but I didn't do it.

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