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October 5, 1995

Patrick Sullivan asks Kelsey:
On a recent trip to Greenwich Village, I was walking with my brother when he asked me, "Hey, did you see her?!" "Who?" I asked. "Dr. Ruth! She just walked right past us!" That's the second time something like that has happened. This past summer, I completely missed seeing a man carrying a full-size stuffed lion over his shoulder, whereas my brother saw it. (I know he's not pulling my leg.) How can I be more observant?
Kelsey Kelsey answers:
I have felt the same way. In college, my roomate Clarissa and I would walk to class together. One morning she found a $20 bill, a love letter, a make-up kit and a map of Singapore and I didn't notice any of them. I told her she was just lower to the ground, but I knew she was more observant.

I've noticed this: when I'm talking and telling a story, in my mind I'm visualizing the events I'm talking about more than I'm seeing where I really am. I don't know how to cure it, but I guess it would help to be less intense about my memories and more intense about where I am at the moment.

Punjabi Punjabi adds:
My friends, being more observant to the here and now is a major key towards relaxing the mind. This is a fundamental principle of meditation. If you wish to be "less intense," then simply focus, in a relaxed manner, on the sights and sounds around you. I am forming a new class later this month if you are interested.
Kauli Kauli goes:
Look! Did you see that? A man just went by carrying Dr. Ruth over his shoulder!
Bob Bob says:
Really? Where?

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