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October 12, 1995

Shirl asks Stone Head:
Is there a cure for a broken heart? Because, other than a shotgun, I can't find a cure. I really liked this guy, and he knew I liked him, and he told me he liked me. We met on a tour of Europe, and he lives 12 hours away from me. He phoned me once over three months ago, and I haven't heard from him since.
Stone Head Stone Head answers:
Maybe you should go to Europe again. You might have better luck with the guy you meet next time.
Kelsey Kelsey adds
Oh girl, you just built up a big fantasy in your head. It must have been really pleasant. But just let it go now.

Bruno asks Ruth:
How do I hint to a girl that I want to see more of her after one day together?
Ruth Ruth answers:
What's this "hinting" business? What's so wrong with just telling her?

Maggie asks Kelsey:
I work for a small, non-profit organization. The pay is not great, but I get four weeks' vacation a year. I have four children, and my husband has chronic health problems, so I end up taking a lot of time off to take care of them. How do I balance my work/family needs?
Kelsey Kelsey answers:
Holy smokes! The question, dear Maggie, is how do you balance your own needs with everyone else's? It sounds like all giving and no getting for you. I believe we only have so much love-stuff to pass around, and when we run out we're not much good to anybody. So make sure you carve out some time to take care of yourself, and that can be as simple as going for a walk once in a while.

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