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November 25, 1995

Sandra asks Alphonzo:
I have been good friends for six years with the guy I have now been going out with for eight months. For the whole eight months, I've felt really nervous that he's going to change his mind and just want to be "friends" again. I'm 25 and this is the first guy I have ever gone out with or even dated so I don't know if my nervousness is what everyone feels or if I am just paranoid.
Alphonzo Alphonzo answers:
Hwa-hwa-hah! Hoo-hoo-ouch!! Oh, my back hurts when I laugh too hard! I'm laughin' because I can actually remember a time, before I was married, when I was worried my ex-wife would leave me! Hwa-hwa-hah! I sure wish she had!

So... whatever your question is, don't worry about it.

Mom asks Ruth:
My 16 year old son is "in love" with a 22 year old girl he met on the Net. Should I worry?
Ruth Ruth answers:
Of course you should worry! You're his mother, aren't you? You should worry that he's not getting in a car accident and eating well and brushing his teeth and getting a good education and associating with decent friends and not doing drugs and not getting some girl pregnant... Why, there's so much to worry about, I don't have enough hours in the day! But it's nice to hear he has a girlfriend. I hope she's nice.

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