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November 30, 1995

PT asks Punjabi:
There's this guy. He's been my best friend for about a year now. A few months ago I started to notice that he seemed to want to be "more than a friend." Well, like the idiot I am, I ignored the problem and hoped it would solve itself. It didn't. It got worse. I can't ignore the problem any longer. Any suggestions?
Punjabi Punjabi answers:
Suppose you wanted to be "more than a friend" with some other man, but he was not interested in you. How would you want him to handle the situation? (Hint: perhaps, gentle and forthright?)

Noel asks Kelsey:
I recently transferred to a new school and have been having difficulty meeting people of the opposite sex. I am attractive, artistic, and intelligent. I do not enjoy the bar scene or frat parties because I do not drink and tend to be a little quiet. Once when I was a little girl my father warned me that most guys are intimidated by intelligent women, and I am beginning to think this is true. Aren't there any men who will appreciate a bright, attractive, talented woman? I am losing hope!
Kelsey Kelsey answers:
It's true that a lot of men seem intimidated by women like us. The good thing is that the losers are all weeding themselves out, without any bother on our part. Saves lots of heartache! So don't worry about that. It's when they aren't intimidated and you like them -- that's the scary part.

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