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December 1, 1995

Angel Face asks Kauli:
I am contemplating getting my eyebrow pierced, but I am not positive if I should. What do you think?
Kauli Kauli answers:
I have a bone through my ear. But a ring through my eyebrow would hurt if I ran into a tree.
Ruth Ruth adds:
You want a ring through your eyebrow? Wouldn't that look funny when you get surprised?
Kelsey Kelsey offers:
Self-mutilation in the name of fashion does not seem psychologically sound to me. Even though I've done it.
Bradley Bradley wonders:
You have? What?
Kelsey Kelsey says:
Never mind.
Alphonzo Alphonzo returns to the original question:
Forget the eyebrow thing. You're just tired of being called "Angel Face."

Michael writes to Kelsey:
On November 30th you answered a message from Noel, who asked if there were any men out there who would appreciate a bright, attractive, talented woman. Did she leave an Email address, or any other means of getting in contact? Could you send this message along with my address, so that if she wants to "talk" it would be her decision? I realize that this is Punchy Advice, and not a personals column, but she sounds... well... too good to be true.
Kelsey Kelsey replies:
Sorry, Michael. We don't have a private email address for Noel. Maybe if she sees this, she (or any other bright, attractive, talented, college-aged women who are going unappreciated) can write to Michael at ToddM@fire.bek.com.

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