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December 20, 1995

Jackie asks Ruth:
There is this guy that I like and we have spent almost seven months seeing each other. We go fishing and spend Sunday afternoons together. He won't commit to anything more serious, like a real date. I would really like to be more serious because I have deep feelings for this guy. What should I do?
Ruth Ruth wonders:
What's to do? Marty's my husband and the last time we spent Sunday afternoon together was when the toilet overflowed.
Kauli Kauli adds:
Why is that just when everyone is having fun, someone wants to get serious?
Punjabi Punjabi observes:
That is the difference between men and women, my friend. You are both going fishing, but not for the same thing.

Matt asks Bradley:
My soon-to-be-wife's father is a homosexual. He discovered this after 15 years of marriage and two children. My question is, have any studies been done on the likelihood of homosexuality being passed on? I'm not homophobic, I'm just wondering about our kids.
Bradley Bradley replies:
Well, you have us stumped. I asked a therapist friend about it and she said that studies have shown some indications that homosexuality is passed on, but there is no conclusion about whether the cause is hereditary or social. But if I were you, I wouldn't worry about my kids.

I'd worry about my wife.

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