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December 22, 1995

Darius asks Drizzle:
I have been out with this girl twice. Both times I took her out to eat and we had a really good time. She has yet to return my phone calls and I helplessly care about her. I haven't called her in the last two weeks, and this whole thing has upset me somewhat. My friends say forget her, but I do not want to until she officially blows me off. What do I do? I need some sort of resolution.
Drizzle Drizzle answers:
If you need a resolution, how about resolving to not think about her anymore.
Alphonzo Alphonzo adds:
If she's not returning your calls, kid, then she's probably not waiting for the phone to ring, if you know what I mean.
Kelsey Kelsey says:
Maybe she doesn't like you well enough to "officially blow you off." Official blow-offs take a lot of time and energy.
Ooni Ooni adds:
Too much red tape! You're lucky she just blew you off unofficially.

"New York City" asks Kelsey:
I met this guy over the Internet and we decided to exchange photos and start a computer relationship. In one of his letters he mentioned that his next girlfriend will be his wife. Should I continue to be in this relationship if there is a chance of me getting deeper into it? We live far apart and it would be a long-distance relationship. Help me please!
Kelsey Kelsey replies:
Oh, of course not. You should never be in a relationship if there is a chance of getting deeper into it! Jeez, you might actually get emotionally involved! If I were you, I'd keep my computer relationship between me and my computer. But luckily I'm not you.

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