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April 15, 1996

Do you know of any solution to electronic extramarital affairs?

For years I supported my husband with his computer hobby. I didn't mind when the online service bills mounted. But then one day out of the clear blue sky, he told me he was going to California to meet "Julie," the woman he had met on the Internet. Our 12-year-old and I were stunned. He returned four days later and announced he was quitting his job of 16 years and moving to California to be with his "dream woman." Did I mention she is a single parent of three? -- Left With Only a Modem

Ruth Ruth answers:
How nice for him. Now that he's found his dream woman, he won't have to spend so many hours in front of the computer!
Alphonzo Alphonzo answers:
That reminds me of my ex-wife. Her dang tropical fish would always get sick, and she'd have to buy more fish and bigger aquariums. I musta spent thousands of bucks. Then what does she do? She runs off with the fish doctor! I shoulda flushed her neon tetras down the toilet when I had the chance. Alls I got now are these empty tanks.
Bob Bob adds:
So that's all the tanks you get, eh?
Bradley Bradley conjectures:
The problem isn't with the Internet. It sounds like you and your husband weren't communicating at the same baud rate.
Kelsey Kelsey adds:
Or "bod" rate.
Punjabi Punjabi enjoins:
When couples fail to take an interest in each other's lives, their interests can take on a life of their own.
Bradley Bradley asks:
By the way, how fast is the modem?

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