Reader's Comments on Punchy Advice

Very funny questions demanding very funny answers. So far you have succeeded brilliantly! Much of what the characters say has wonderful wisdom in it.

I love Punchy Advice, and I get a kick out of Ruth even when she's crabby.

Fine, full characterizations... Loads of fun, and some pretty thoughtful advice too!

I wrote you a while ago and asked Kelsey a question. I really thought about the way she responded and I think she helped me a lot! Thank you, Kelsey!

Just wanted to say I think Punchy Advice is funny and intelligent. It's one of the few websites I visit everyday.

Thanks a million for "Punchy Advice." Absolutely silly! My first BIG laugh in Tokyo, come to think of it, in Asia! I recommended it in an article I recently wrote for the Tokyo PC Club newsletter. I particularly relate to Punjabi; you've captured the Indian personality so well.

"Punchy Advice" is great! As a matter of fact, one character, Bradley, even looks like a certain programmer I know.

I love your webpage. It is extremely cool! ...Really made me smile!

Punchy's column gets better over time. ...What a great idea... ("Will Bradley stay or go? Will Kelsey find the man of her dreams?) Can't wait to hear what happens next.

(As usual) Punjabi has come up with an answer in which the humour belies the wisdom of his words.

I really enjoy the Punchy Advice page. I've added links from my own page, and also from my internet provider's page (I also maintain that page). The responses from the various characters read so differently, I'm wondering if you actually have different people responding to them. Do you?

Also, Kelsey in particular has good things to say about relationship questions...common, known stuff, but usually said very well and on target. It looks like you're evoking genuine participation and interaction from your readers, including me! Well done!

My two little daughters loved your rainy day video (Drizzle) to death... yes, the tape wore out after years of use. It was like loosing a friend.

I cannot express how truly old-soul wise you are with your advice... You are donating a wonderful gift to all those suffering humans out there who are trying to extract themselves from the fishnet of life.

Just wanted to write and let you know how much my sweetie and I enjoyed going through your Punchy Advice (we found it via Yahoo) -- we started from the most recent question and went through to the very earliest, laughing all the way through. We were both really surprised to realize that it was just one person doing the answers; we were absolutely convinced that it was a group of people, like officemates or something, doing the answers, with a puppet modeled after their own personality. You've done a terrific job of creating the different characters.

Dear Mr. Brodie, I love your page--you're brilliant. I check it every day. Thank you.

You know, I REALLY hate Ann Landers and all her imitators. They pander to people that can't seem to make their own decisions or are too confused to use their common sense. But - I really am impressed by what you're doing with Punchy Advice. It's entertaining and pretty funny. Sometimes (gasp) it even makes you think.

Just wanted to say I love your pages! Especially Punchy Advice - all your characters are wonderful! And the advice is excellent... :) Keep up the good work, I'll be visiting regularly from now on!

I really like Kelsey. She makes me feel like I'm reading the words of a savvy yet compassionate modern woman. Ruth is good too. Dotty perhaps, but quite wise in her way. I was just thinking today as I visited the site and then read back to a few of the older columns that considering the fact that you, Leo Brodie, are not a woman, you write your women's characters astoundingly convincingly. I think you have a really rare gift, I mean, you excercise it as a writer/actor, but you must be a very understanding person to be able to get into other types of mindsets so well. Or maybe you're just a multiple personality and we should all run for the hills ;-)

Thank you for a very enjoyable evening..your advice pages are hysterical! Down here in Florida, we'd never heard of Punch and Brodie, but oh the times they are a changin'! :)

You were missed! Twice in a row, while demonstrating the WWW to friends, I showed them your page; each spent an hour going through all the previous questions, totally engrossed. Great job!

A Review by The Wellesley News

March 12, 1997 WELLESLEY, MASSACHUSETTS Volume 96 Issue 17

Web Site of the Week

Michelle Tsai '00

Ever wanted advice from puppets? Visit Punchy Advice, and you'll meet the entire gang of puppet characters. Shaped more-or-less like potato-people, each one has a distinct personality and offers humorous and quirky advice for any problem you have.

Questions (and advice) range from the absurd to the spiritual. For example, when someone asked, "What's the story on all this non-smoking stuff? Can't a person live a little before it's all gone?" one of the puppets, Ooni, responded, "It's your life. You can live as little as you want." Ooni and Kauli are Mekaloonies (basically island party animals) who were driven from their palm trees by tourists but now live in California. Bradley is a grown-up nerd, an accountant who loves computers, balanced ledgers, and women in helmets.

"Men seem to enjoy and crave sex, but few girls do. Why?," asked a random web-surfer. Kelsey answered, "I notice you compare 'men' and 'girls,' not men and women. Women enjoy sex, but probably not with you." Sassy and single, she's the "third assistant to the creative director of a second-rate public relations firm," and offers frank advice to relationship and love problems. For those with spiritual questions, there's Punjabi, whose answers are always wise and often camouflaged by humor.

Amazingly, all the advice is written by only one person-Leo Brodie, the creator of Punchy Advice. So if Oprah is too controversial to be the commencement speaker, there is always the safer, cheaper option of Punchy Advice puppets.

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