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Southwest Gas (Nevada)

"The Specialist: Natural Gas Heaters" Alphonzo interviews Deeana
"The Specialist: Conservation" Alphonzo in conference
"The Specialist: The Environment" Alphonzo writes his script
"The Specialist: Smart House" Alphonzo in front of 'Smart House,' Las Vegas, NV
"Computer Purchasing Requisition System" (training video) Bradley learns the new computer system

Digalog Corp.

User's Meeting at SAE (live event for users of technical product) Photo of Alphonzo addressing sales convention

Western Film & Video

Drizzle and the Rainy Day (video for children) Drizzle

Unisys Corp.

Implementation Benchmarks: Process Improvement Guidelines (training video) Bradley and Punjabi in 'Benchmarks' for Process Improvement'

Rockwell International

"Proper Techniques for Hand Lapping" (training video)

International Television Association (ITVA) Los Angeles

Awards banquet (video bumpers for live event) Photo of Alphonzo and Bradley at Awards Banquet

Home Savings of America

"The Mountain of Champions" (incentive video) Bob at the summit of the Mountain of Champions
Presidents Club (live event in Kauaii, with video production) Hawaiian Creatures
Video roll-ins for Presidents Club Marty and Ruth
Presidents Club (live event in Cancun, with video production) Stone Head on stage
Satisfying Customer Needs: Opening the Sale (sales training video) Bob offers advice on closing sales of financial products
Satisfying Customer Needs: Handling Objections (sales training video) Bob shares his expertise in handling sales objections

Metropolis Magazine

Presentation on Design and Publishing Trends
Read the script
The Potty Plotter


Children's television show in Portugal
Max and Toontoon

Blazing Service

Customer service training program with web-based learning reinforcement, using puppets to represent angry customers
Max and Toontoon

Punch & Brodie Puppet Productions

Demo reel: Puppets in Corporate Videos Kelsey and Alphonzo
The Knuckleheads  
The Edge of Dornan (live performance)  

Griffin Video

Trade Show Booth (live appearance)