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Video Productions

We provide broadcast-quality puppetry for video presentations. We specialize in productions for the business and corporate culture.

Bob and 'Enough-is-enough' meter
Bob uses the "Enough-is-Enough" meter to demonstrate how a sales conversation can direct a customer without crossing the line and being too pushy

Training videos -- Sales training, technical skill reinforcement, or customer management, our engaging characters can help you educate your audience. Our puppets have appeared in videos designed to teach the right ways to close a sale, how to maintain manufacturing equipment, and enforce total quality control standards in a production environment, among other topics. Puppets can play the role of gentle teachers, or can represent the audience that needs to learn.

Bradley and Punjabi discuss Process Improvement benchmarks with fellow Unisys employees.

Motivational videos -- Puppets can motivate your audience not only by entertaining but also by reflecting your audience, and how your message affects them directly.

Ruth with snorkel gear
During an incentive vacation for top sales representatives held in Hawaii, Ruth, playing one of the sales reps, experiences a series of mishaps. The video segments were shown during the awards banquet.

Roll-ins, openers and closers for business meetings and award presentations -- Producers of corporate events use our puppets extensively in pre-produced video segments for presentation at company meetings and awards banquets. These segments can be shot in the studio or on location.

Alphonzo interviews an executive of Southwest Gas
Alphonzo interviews an executive of Southwest Gas as part of their "Specialist" series of quarterly video newsletters for employees.

Corporate video newsletters -- Southwest Gas used our puppet "Alphonzo" in their four-part "Specialist" series. The purpose of the series was to encourage employees to take an active role in understanding their company's products and services, and to view themselves as "sales representatives" both in and out of the office. Alphonzo plays the part of an employee tasked with interviewing actual employees within the company who are experts on the topic. The puppet became synonymous with the Specialist program. Producer Mike Rogers reported very high acceptance among employees, who wrote comments such as: "Using the puppet is an excellent way to learn. As he gets educated, we get educated."

Drizzle the Rain Elf
Drizzle the Rain Elf, from the children's video Drizzle and the Rainy Day

Home videos -- We designed, built, and performed the character Drizzle the Rain Elf for Rainy Day Picture's home video, "Drizzle and the Rainy Day." The video was targeted for young children, and featured a variety of activities that could be enjoyed indoors, using ordinary household objects.

Our online demo reel requires Windows Media Player. Other formats available upon request. If playback hesitates or jumps, you may experience better results by downloading the file and playing it locally. In Windows Explorer, right-click the link and select Save as target...